Classic Whiteboard: Simple and easy to use virtual whiteboard software
How to use:
  • Click one of the four colored markers to begin drawing.
  • For text that's easier to read, type with your keyboard.
  • Use the eraser to clean up portions of the whiteboard.
  • The whiteboard automatically saves when it's closed.

Menu Items:
These features are available via keyboard shortcuts
or from the ? menu located in the top right corner.

  • Open: open a saved whiteboard image (or any image).
  • Save A Copy: save a copy of the whiteboard's contents.
  • Publish to Web: save a copy to
    Share your whiteboard with anyone with a web browser.
  • Copy: copy the whiteboard's contents to your clipboard.
  • Paste: paste images from your clipboard onto the whiteboard.
  • Clean: wipe-down the entire board. ©2014 Privacy   |   Terms & Conditions